If you’ve powered your way through the PYTHA online learning and are ready to add more training to your toolbelt, our face-to-face workshops will help you sharpen your skills and get on your way to becoming a PYTHA Pro.

Recently upgraded?

Our V23 Upgrade Training is a one-day intensive workshop designed to talk you through the most relevant and time-saving changes to the new Version. You’ll leave this workshop with a long list of useful tips and tricks, and be ready to cash in on your upgrade.

Want a ‘Workshop’ workshop?

Experienced PYTHA users eager to learn about the new Workshop module will benefit from attending this course. You’ll learn new skills and techniques to help streamline your production process, and will gain a better understanding of the module’s features, allowing you to assign, preview and manipulate machining functions within PYTHA prior to export.

New to PYTHA?

We’ve designed a three-day intensive training program especially for new users looking for ways to turbo-boost their PYTHA production. In a small-group environment with limited distractions, you’ll learn the tips and tricks used by your more experienced PYTHA peers, and discover how to get the most out of your powerful PYTHA tools.

Kick start 2019: book your December/January workshop today!

If you’re keen to start 2019 as a productive PYTHA user, we encourage you to book into our December or January workshops. If you’ve wrapped up your end-of-year projects, a pre-Christmas workshop (10-12 December) will give you plenty to think about over the Christmas/New Year break. If you’re pushed for time between now and New Year’s, but are anticipating a slower start in January, our first workshop of 2019 (14-16 January) could be the kickstart you need.

To maximise your learning, we’ve capped the numbers for each workshop. To ensure you don’t miss out, check out the workshop dates here and register your interest below.