Technical Services Agreement (TSA)

A TSA (Technical Services Agreement) is a must-have annual company agreement that delivers an always-growing suite of support services.

Why must you have a TSA?

The reason is two-fold:

  • Team Support: your operators are supported with a huge range of services designed to keep their PYTHA know-how up to date, so your jobs are produced efficiently and competitively and
  • Business Backup: if you break the software (that is, if it stops working as expected and production is impacted), your business (and bottom line) can rely on priority service from our Tech Team to get you running again.

Team Support

Technical Services Agreement holders get access to extensive libraries, training material and a whole lot more through an exclusive online portal. You can access this portal at any time – night or day – and take advantage of a host of inclusions like:

  • direct access to lodge tickets (requests for help) with priority service
  • latest in-version exe downloads
  • quarterly backups of your system and settings – we can install and restore if we need to reset your system
  • help with installations on up to two computers and support to ensure you know how to take control of future installs
  • free library items (cabinets, plugins, artefacts) on (access to potentially thousands of dollars worth of customisable libraries you don’t have to draw from scratch)
  • help with maintaining or adding tools
  • free, live Lunch and Learn training (equates to at least 10 hours of free training a year)
  • Lunch and Learn recordings (self-train whenever and wherever suits)
  • up to 50% off self-paced training courses online
  • up to 50% off live delivery Upgrade training courses
  • a Knowledge Base of commonly-sought solutions

Business Back Up

A TSA can be like an insurance policy against lost time to your business. Software disruptions and their associated downtime can significantly impact a company’s productivity and bottom line. If your software stops working as expected and your services are down, our team will help you fix your software and get you back on track pronto. As a TSA holder, you’ll always be at the top end of the queue.

You insure your cars, homes, phones and more, so protecting the beating heart of your business’s production seems obvious. Our software is robust, so that ‘oh $ hi7’ moment may never happen for you. If it does, we’ll have you covered, and your money will be well spent to ensure we can help you quickly. But if it doesn’t, your investment in a TSA is never wasted if you take advantage of all the built-in value.

What is not included?

  • ‘how to’ training (A TSA is a support service, not a substitute for training.)
  • plugin scripting (If you make changes to our plugin scripts and you have a TSA, we’ll reinstate the plugin to the latest working version.)
  • custom library building (We give you access to our comprehensive library in, but we’re not building custom library items for you in a TSA.)
  • implementation for reconfigured machines, new machines, new setups etc.

What’s an SUA?

An SUA is a per-licence Software Upgrade Agreement that entitles you to the newest version of the software whenever a new upgrade is released. (Learn more about SUAs here.)

While the TSA helps your operators maintain workflow efficiency, an SUA is the most cost-effective way to keep your software current. You’ll be entitled to new versions automatically and reap the benefits of having access to timely fixes, software enhancements and added features.

  • When functions have been made easier to use, you’ll be first to access them.
  • When additional functions to support modelling and production become available, you’ll have them in your tool belt.
  • And when interfaces are streamlined, you’ll cash in on optimum production and job cost efficiencies.

Ultimately, we want all PYTHA users to have access to the latest technology and its full potential; the Software Upgrade Agreement offers you the most cost-efficient way of doing so.

Why would you be without the incredible value, and business backup confidence, of a TSA?


Will you still help me if I don’t have a TSA? 

We sure will. We’re happy to provide individualised quotations for the services required. *But* you will miss out on all the extra value of a TSA and will be at the bottom end of the help queue. (As a TSA customer, you’ll get priority service.)

What’s the difference between an SUA and a TSA?      

An SUA is an ongoing annual per-licence module agreement allowing you access to the latest software versions.

A TSA is an annual company agreement that offers a range of support services designed to help you make the most of your software and the bonus of on-hand help if your software isn’t working.

Both are designed to keep you and your team operating effectively, efficiently and – most important – competitively.

Where is your support team located?

Our super-talented, trade-qualified, and tech-savvy team is located in Australia. Each team member has years of experience using PYTHA and other software in the production environment and relevant, real-world knowledge.

We have direct access to the developers.

Our team is also your conduit to the developers in Germany. We have direct access to the people actually making this gear, ensuring critical issues can be documented and resolved post-haste.