PYTHA 3D CAD software is a comprehensive system that can be used for all facets of design and manufacture, from planning to presentation to production.

To ensure you always receive the most up-to-date product information, all PYTHA software specifications can be found at PYTHA Headquarters at

Software Upgrade Agreement (SUA)

A Software Upgrade Agreement (SUA) is a per-licence module that entitles you to the newest version of the software whenever a new version is released – in the most cost effective way. We’re ensuring all our customers have the SUA module as part of their suite to reduce the cost of upgrading software and provide timely access to new versions.


While our learning programs are designed for attaining new skills, our comprehensive support program is all about fine-tuning operations on an on-going basis.

Our Support Portal houses an always-growing suite of knowledge base articles, free library items and direct and prioritised access to our technical team. If you’re a TSA member, you can access the portal here.

Technical Service Agreement (TSA)

A Technical Service Agreement (TSA) offers invaluable team support through a vast range of services designed to keep your operators’ PYTHA know-how up to date. It also serves as a critical business backup:  if you break the software and production is impacted, your business (and bottom line) can count on priority service from our Tech Team to get you running again.


We’ve designed a range of learning options – deliverable in a variety of formats and over a relatively flexible period of time – to ensure our PYTHA users are skilled and efficient in their software operation.

Learn more about our full scope of learning options here, and check out upcoming training events here.



Does PYTHA link to other software applications?

Yes, PYTHA links to a wide range of CAD, CAM and estimating applications including Enroute, EziNest, WoodWop, BiesseWorks, AlphaCam, CabinetVision, TradeSoft and more. We can help you understand the best configurations for your operations.

I’m a designer – not a manufacturer. Is PYTHA for me?

Yes. Our design customers have won multiple awards for their work. The realism they can produce for their design concepts means there is no limit for the imagination. PYTHA is easy to use and easy to learn with a level of flexibility that means you can draw literally anything.  Check this link for inspiration.

KSH Shopfitting and PYTHA 3D CAD
KSH Shopfitting and PYTHA 3D CAD

KSH Shopfitting is a New South Wales business delivering fast and efficient one-stop-shop fitout services. From design to in-house joinery and metal production to handover, the company caters for all kinds of commercial installations, and PYTHA 3D CAD plays a pivotal role. Learn more here.

About PYTHA Technical Service Agreements (TSA)

A PYTHA Technical Service Agreement (TSA) is part of a ‘big picture’ support strategy that will ensure you continue to get the most out of your software.  A TSA allows you access to:

  • Technical support – Monday to Friday – 8.30am – 4.30pm If you have a question relating to the basic usage of PYTHA (and related) software, including how to install the program or how to troubleshoot functions that don’t seem to be working for you, the skilled PYTHA support team is ready to take your call.
  • In-version updates to keep you up to speed and on the go When in-version updates become available, we’ll make sure you’re sorted. Your active TSA will ensure your software is always up to date and operating at its peak potential – and you won’t ever feel like you’re missing out on updates.
  • Backups, bonuses, benefits and being part of the big picture! Like you, we’re big on value, and we want to make sure your investment in a PYTHA TSA offers genuine, ongoing returns. You’ll receive discounts to training events, access to a dedicated support portal with knowledge base articles and user forums, webinars and more. You’ll also have access to complimentary or discounted libraries designed to optimise your efficiency. 

It’s important to note that a technical question may prove more of a training issue. If, for instance, a particular question is raised multiple times, our tech team will direct you to the relevant training unit. Hint: questions beginning with ‘How do I’ and ‘Where do I find the tool to do…’ are probably going to need more training than support.

The Agreement can provide access to our PYTHA Tech Team for PYTHA 3D CAD, EzyNest (Enroute) and/or NC Hops, so you can breathe easy knowing you’re supported from planning to production.

Looking for libraries to turbo-charge your drawing time?

My 3D Shop delivers online training and libraries for users of PYTHA 3D CAD and related manufacturing software including 3D Analyzer, Ezynest and more.

As a one-stop-shop, My 3D Shop supports customers with tools such as libraries of commonly used cabinetry items, so you don’t have to start your drawings from scratch.

Check out the range of libraries available today at

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