PYTHA V23 Users can enjoy an all-new Engraving Text function that cleverly enables information to be milled onto a part (e.g. article number onto panel). With this function, users can streamline factory assembly and ensure construction is timely and accurate on site.

Implementation Specialist, Paul Hadfield, shares his top tip for Engraving Text below.

Each character of engraving text consists of a single chain of edges. This new text type can be found in the edge menu. Even the engraving text has 4 reference points. It is handled the same way as the new 3D text.

Tip: If you assign router information to an engraving text, you can use it to mill the text information e.g. article number to a part.

The fourth reference point is the position point. Depending on your setting it is on the left, centre or right. In the image, the fourth point lies in the middle as the text definition was meant to be centred.

You’ll need to download a new font for this (CNC Vector); we’ve made it easily accessible for customers with a Technical Service Agreement – TSA users will find the font in the PYTHA Partners Portal.

Comment below if you have any questions, and we’ll get back to you asap.