PYTHA’s Hook Menu allows quick and easy access to library elements and a faster and more efficient workflow.

Clicking the Hook icon (see above) will open the ‘My Libraries’ dialogue on the right-hand side of the PYTHA screen.

This dialogue allows you to choose an element and drag and drop it on to your graphics area by simply holding the left mouse button.

Right-clicking on an element in the Hook Menu will allow the options to Open, Import or Drag & Drop. (It’s important to note that Import and Drag & Drop do not include any plot sheets or parts lists. The Open function closes the existing project and loads the entire file including the parts list and plot sheets.) Double-clicking a library element will also open the library item.

Drag & Drop Dialogue

The library element can be guided at 10 different points, five at the bottom and another five at the top – no reference points are necessary.

You’ll also find settings that allow you to rotate a library element, even if you haven’t assigned reference points.

Tip: you can hide the dialogue with ‘dialog invisible’ and show it again with ‘s’ while dragging and dropping an element.