Pytha_eNews_Tech TipsEarlier this year we introduced you to our Implementation Specialist, Paul Hadfield. In this issue, Paul will share his top tip for premium Pytha performance.

Fast-track to your favourites with myContext Menu

Although the myContext Menu is introduced to Pytha users in their initial training, it seems to be the first-forgotten function.

Pytha V23’s myContext Menu utility allows you to add your most frequently used functions to a favourites list, accessible with a simple ‘right click’. Whether you’re using PYTHA 3D CAD for design or manufacturing, you’ll probably have a few functions that you repeat time after time. When you can access these with a simple right click (and drop-down menu), you’ll limit the number of steps you take and make a notable difference to your navigation times.

To add your most-used function to the myContext Menu, simply right click on the command, and select ‘add to myContext’. You’ll now see this function listed in the context menu, ready for your one-click selection. Repeat the process with your favourite functions and see how much time you can shred from your next project.