With more than thirty years of experience in the joinery industry, Gary Bebbington has a solid understanding of Australian manufacturing businesses. And as the head of a highly successful management company (JCS Group), he knows that all good businesses need exceptional documentation to deliver profitable and hassle-free projects.

The detailing accuracy achievable with PYTHA 3D CAD allows Gary and his team to deliver clear and concise documentation that leaves no room for error. And with the software’s concept to completion capacities, Gary can distribute projects to a pool of contractors without any disruption to his fine-tuned process or – most importantly – the tight timelines of his commercial clients.

With his vast industry experience in all facets of design, manufacturing and project management, and his long-time PYTHA proficiency, Gary is a great asset to our ambassador team.

If you’re keen to learn more about the potential of PYTHA 3D CAD, contact Gary on 02 8515 0285, or via the form below, and he’ll tee up a time to talk.

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