CAD software doesn’t necessarily come with a ‘use by’ date – technically speaking, you can probably use your current software as long as you like. Or can you?

Most programs, from word processing to CAD, have an effective lifespan. But while they may continue to tick along, you’re probably not be getting the maximum benefit from your outdated software.

Keeping up with software releases isn’t always easy, but here are three good reasons why an upgrade is worth the effort:

#1 Time is Money

A software upgrade means you may need a little more training time. But new features can be big time savers, and you could be in before you know it.  When was the last time you checked out the new features of your software’s more recent versions?  What time-saving options are you missing out on?

#2 Basic Budgeting

When you plan on upgrading your software annually (or bi-annually), you can also plan your budgeting to accommodate the improvement. Planning ahead means you’re less likely to be faced with a blown-out (and urgent) upgrade expense.

#3 Leaner Learning Curves

If you don’t think you have time to deal with an upgrade now, waiting won’t make it any easier.  The longer you leave it between upgrades, the more you’ll need to catch up on, and the steeper your learning curve will be.

What’s new with PYTHA 3D CAD V24?

PYTHA’s latest version – V24 – is ready for purchase now. The upgrade offers a whole raft of new features, including:

  • Enhanced parametrics
  • Optimised processing in plot sheets
  • Panoramic images in Modeller
  • More customisable curves
  • Webshop integration
  • New part functions and
  • Much, much more!

The new version offers way more time-saving features and fixes than we could cover in one article. To learn how an upgrade investment will help boost your productivity, contact our team today.