PYTHA’s latest version – V24 – is ready for purchase now. The upgrade offers a whole raft of new features.

We can give you at least three business-savvy reasons to upgrade your CAD software today, but we reckon the way our PYTHA techies are feeling about their new toy will get you a little more excited. Here’s what the team had to say when we asked them for their reactions to V24:

Man, you should see how far the new parametrics have come. They’re amazing. And the RadioLab denoising function is a game-changer.

The enhancements to the plot page are massive time savers. There are also heaps of new modeller functions to get to know. Parquet and Smart Equalize are the two coolest.

The first time I saw how the new parametrics have been simplified I couldn’t believe how easy it was to drag a cupboard, apply one or two dimensions and you’re done. Everyone is going to love this.

There’s heaps of good stuff. How many do you want me to give you? Add and remove grain direction, sweep function can be selected in any order (when I stuff it up I don’t have to start selecting again), reactivate parametrics, glass appears transparent in the model!

I have always dreamed about more flexibility around curves. Now with the new rib function I’ve got what I’ve always wanted. People are going to see that changing radii on curves is a breeze.

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