For those of you who have opted in early for the SUA (Software Update Agreement), the latest V25 in-version update brings you some early V26 functionalities that we’re sure you’ll appreciate.

What’s new?

  • 6 Side Edge Material: View and render images with correct edges using 6 sided Edge material. Here are examples of materials with 6 side materials assigned.
  • Export as gITF Format: PYTHA can now export your projects in gITF format. This format is widely supported by AR viewers, making it easy to view your model using AR. As a bonus, Windows 11 users can take advantage of the inbuilt AR viewer on their computers.
  • Smart Names: The Pytha LAB team has integrated AI into the software, bringing you the Smart Names feature. Now, when you draw a cabinet, PYTHA can automatically name all the parts for you. It’s a smart and efficient way to streamline your workflow. Take a look at this video demonstration to see it in action.


We’ll be covering the ins and outs of these new features. In the next Lunch and Learn on 31st May. Available to customers with a valid TSA, book here.