Louis Wang founded Kings Joinery six years ago, opting for joinery over share trading. (He nominates joinery as the bigger stressor!) Since then, Kings Joinery has earned a reputation in the ACT for crafting stunning, contemporary kitchens and bathrooms for new homes, alongside occasional commercial fitout projects.

In that time, Kings Joinery has expanded from a 300sqm to a spacious 1000sqm factory. Embracing PYTHA 3D CAD in 2021 gave Louis the assurance to pursue any project confidently, knowing no job will be too challenging.

From the outset, Louis ensured his business operation was well planned, and well-equipped with the necessary resources, including skilled personnel, CNC machines, and CAD software. Initially, he managed job production himself, using basic kitchen software for drawings and nesting. When faced with complex designs beyond his or that software’s capabilities, he sought assistance from an experienced tradesman on the team for hand-drawn sketches. While the hand drawings were accurate, Louis recognised the inefficiency of this approach in modern production, and sought a more effective solution.

In 2021, Louis recruited Roxie to manage production drawing and CNC tasks, aiming to future-proof the business. After thorough research of all the major software options, Louis selected PYTHA for its versatility, flexibility and functionality. As a non-cabinetmaker overseeing the business, he needed software capable of handling diverse project requirements, which PYTHA provided. Local support from Pytha Partners and skilled operators in industry further bolstered Louis’s confidence in his choice.

Louis acknowledges PYTHA’s role in supporting business growth and reliability. It prompted a shift in the make up of the Kings Joinery team, resulting in a balanced mix of technology, trade, and labour roles. Louis can confidently bid for projects based solely on price, assured that no job is beyond their capabilities. This confidence is crucial for Louis, ensuring Kings Joinery can deliver quality work, on time and within budget, securing business success.

“With PYTHA, any job I bid for is only about the price.  I’ll never need to worry about taking on a job that is too hard. This is important for me as a non cabinetmaker; it means I can win work for my business with the complete confidence that we can produce a quality job, on time and to budget.”


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