Reduce your ongoing costs with a new SUA-TSA bundle.
We want our customers to have timely and cost-effective access to the latest software versions and to make the best use of the always-growing value-added tech services we provide for your production team.
To this end, we’ve developed an all-new SUA-TSA bundle to reduce your ongoing software maintenance costs and get your team on priority support.

What’s the deal?

  • With V25 and an SUA before 30 June, you’ll be eligible for V26 on its anticipated release in our Spring and save on the traditional upgrade cost. By getting on an SUA now, you’ll never pay the stand-alone traditional upgrade cost again.
  • (Note: if you’re not already on V25, you’ll need to catch up to V25 first)*
  • Customers who take up a TSA and SUA at the same time will earn a 10% discount on the TSA.
  • New SUA customers with an existing TSA won’t miss out on this discount. The 10% reduction will be applied to your next TSA invoice.
Contact us today to put this bundle in place for you.
If your software isn’t up-to-date or running to its full potential, you’re probably not maximising your time and cost efficiencies. And if you’ve hit a glitch and don’t know how to fix it, a stand-still in production could be very expensive for your business.
Our bundle will ensure your software is always up to date and that your team is consistently supported with fast response times and value-added services like free library items, free and discounted training and a host of other tech services designed to keep your operations productive and competitive.
Software Upgrade Agreement (SUA)
Software is constantly evolving. If you’re not always on the latest version, you’re likely missing out on new and improved features that can have a significant, positive impact on your business. V26 is coming, and we want you ready to switch it on from the get-go.
Having an SUA means:
  • You’ll negate any ‘catch-up’ fees applicable to traditional upgrades and undertake asset purchase planning in advance.
  • You’ll minimise steep learning curves through steady upgrades, too. For instance, jumping from V25 to a future V27 could be challenging with significant functionality changes. A ‘soft transition’ in the future from V26 to V27 will be a breeze.
  • With an SUA, our technical team can offer you the best support, learning resources and technical assistance if you’re not wedded to an old software version.
  • V26 introduces cloud functionality to PYTHA 3D CAD. This means that from V26 onwards, customers must maintain an SUA to utilise cloud functionality.
Technical Services Agreement (TSA)
As a TSA holder, you’ll always be at the top end of the queue if you break your software and services are down. That ‘oh sh*t’ moment may (hopefully) never happen for you, but a TSA offers much more than just an insurance policy.
Do you know that customers with a TSA have also:
  • Downloaded free library items over 10,000 times (customisable so you don’t have to start drawing from scratch every time)
  • Viewed more than 20 hours of live learning recordings over 2500 times
  • Viewed Knowledge Base articles more than 8,000 times
  • Have more than 3,000 questions answered through the support desk every year.
At a time when it can be hard to find people, our tech experts – as Pytha Pros – can work with your production department to support your team operating at its optimum.