In March, more than 150 apprentices joined the PYTHA 3D CAD introduction course with the Australian Cabinet and Furniture Association (ACFA). We at Pytha Partners are proud to support these apprentices as they learn important skills through our partnership with ACFA (RTO: 90432).

Technology plays a big role in our industry today. It’s vital for the next generation of tradespeople to grasp how to use tech tools effectively. That’s why we’re committed to helping apprentices kickstart their careers by offering learning in how to use technology in their work.

ACFA’s trainers and assessors are experts in the industry. They regularly visit apprentices at their workplaces to ensure they’re progressing with their learning. Throughout the course, ACFA and Pytha Partners collaborate to teach apprentices through live sessions too.

 By the end of the course, apprentices must create modelled drawings to demonstrate what they’ve learned. These drawings show they understand and can use the skills they’ve been taught.

 Apprentice training doesn’t just benefit the individuals learning—it benefits the whole industry. Well-trained apprentices bring fresh ideas and skills to their workplaces, making them more productive. Plus, training apprentices helps address the ongoing issue of not having enough skilled CAD operators in the industry.

 Our partnership with ACFA to teach the PYTHA 3D CAD course is all about helping the next generation of cabinet and furniture professionals succeed. By teaching them important skills and supporting them as they learn, we’re helping apprentices thrive in a world where technology is key.


If you want to know more about how the ACFA could support your apprentices, please get in touch with ACFA directly.