As business owners, the daily whirlwind of tasks and decisions can be overwhelming. That’s why, here at Pytha Partners, we’ve found an invaluable ally in our business coaches. Their role is not just a luxury for us; it’s a necessity we wouldn’t be without.

We thought we’d write this article for those who may have considered business coaching in the past or wondered, ‘Who’s managing me while I’m managing everything else?’.

In the complex landscape of running a business, having someone in our corner is like having a compass for success. Our coaches keep us on track, providing the balance, support, and accountability essential for sustainable operations. From day-to-day operations to team management and customer relations, their presence is a welcome sounding board of objectivity and clarity.

Now, don’t get us wrong; we had business coaches in the past. To be honest, we had already decided that this type of relationship would never truly be a good return on investment. However, it’s all about finding the right match! We met Andrew and Julianne from Yellow Coaching when we called on them to do a one-off team-building exercise at a team retreat. Needless to say, their approach and acceptance of our quirky team just clicked. So, we thought we’d give some regular sessions a go. That was three years ago.

Meeting with Andrew and Julianne for a regular twice-a-month catch-up is a game-changer. Beyond addressing immediate concerns, they delve into core entrepreneurial topics – assessing the health of the business, setting goals, and creating actionable plans. Their availability extends beyond scheduled meetings though. We can call or email for an objective ear whenever we need it, ensuring we stay agile in a dynamic business environment. We also laugh… a lot!

What we feel sets Yellow Coaching apart, for us, is their comprehensive support for the entire team. From strategic planning to individual staff development, Andrew and Julianne foster a culture of growth and capability that extends beyond the management team.

Employees can experience a cultural shift too, enjoying ongoing support for new projects, training for key skill areas, and meaningful conversations to address any workplace challenges. This partnership helps us as business owners create an environment where everyone can thrive in their roles.

Navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship is a journey best taken with a reliable compass by your side. We’d offer the following key takeaways from our business coaching experience. Of course, we’re very happy to hear from you if you have questions about it.

We’d suggest:

  • If you’ve thought about it, just give it a go.
  • Ask for recommendations from people you know – you’re more likely to find a good match from your trusted colleagues.
  • Try out a few options – it is the kind of relationship where you need to be open, comfortable, and able to laugh out loud together.
  • Don’t just use coaching to grow the business, use it to help manage and respond to the day-to-day too.
  • Engage the whole team – if you’re helping others to succeed, then you’re succeeding too. Plus, a cultural shift is best infused all the way through the business, not just at the top.