Established in 1992, Euroline has forged a fine reputation as a systemised and streamlined architectural joinery company. With an impressive 3,500m2 factory housing in-house spray painting facilities, state-of-the-art machinery, dedicated assembly areas and a team of highly capable staff, the company is well placed to handle a vast range of projects.

The Euroline folio is filled with commercial, education, health and hospitality projects, and the team are exceptionally proud of their long term relationships with the industry’s leading designers, architects and builders. 

As Drafting Manager, Euroline’s Brendan Staff leads a team of eight PYTHA 3D CAD operators. The company encourages technically-minded tradies to transition to design and drafting positions. Their practical manufacturing knowledge is invaluable in the design and set out stages, and the gentle learning curve of PYTHA 3D CAD makes training the team a breeze. With his own extensive experience with the software, Brendan can get new drafters creating shop drawings and putting joinery into production in a matter of weeks.

Of course, the ease of learning isn’t the only advantage of PYTHA 3D CAD. Brendan highly rates the full flexibility and clever customisation of the software. In the decade he’s been using PYTHA, there hasn’t been a project that couldn’t be conquered. And a glance at the Euroline project gallery will illustrate the complex curves and heavily detailed joinery they’ve produced.

PYTHA 3D CAD allows Euroline to produce clear and comprehensive shop drawings and 3D views for each and every project. This communication system ensures all parties are on the same page from pricing through to production and will undoubtedly see this very successful company continue to soar.

We’re very proud to have Euroline on our long-time customer list and look forward to being a part of their journey for many years to come.

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