With machinery technology continually improving, screen-to-machine synergy has never been more critical.

As a leading CAD software supplier, we’re very aware of the value of productive relationships with the machining end of the industry. We’ve worked hard to connect with Australia’s best machinery suppliers and reps – and will continue to do so – and are proud of the outcomes associated with our efforts.

Connections with machinery suppliers offer many rewards, and our two recent activities at the Woodtron Eastern Creek facilities were great examples. With our Local User Meeting and the Woodtron ‘Software of the Day’ event, we were delighted to bring over 60 potential new users through the incredibly impressive factory.

Some visitors were existing Woodtron owners; others were keen to see how our software integrates with the Woodtron machines. Likewise, we met many Woodtron devotees who were new to PYTHA 3D CAD, and we look forward to helping them implement new integrations in the coming months.

But the biggest reward of a solid CAD/CAM pairing is for the end-user. PYTHA 3D CAD customers can be assured that our excellent relationships with Australia’s most trusted machinery manufacturers lead to continual software refinement and an efficient synergy. This in turn ensures that your factory is producing the most profitable and pain-free products.

If you’re keen to learn more about the integration of PYTHA 3D CAD with the best machines in the game, contact us today.