We’re delighted to welcome Michael Dominick to the Pytha Partners team, in an all-rounder role of technical support.
With a creative background and a passion for drawing, art and design, Michael loves the intuitive feel of designing in 3D. In his previous position as a designer and CAD operator with PYTHA customer, The Renovation Broker, Michael conquered the craft of creating easy-to-sell kitchens, bathrooms and other interior spaces. As his rendering skills developed, he enjoyed the ease with which he could convey the ‘finished product’ to clients, knowing there would be no nasty surprises when the ‘real deal’ was installed on site.
In his new position at Pytha Partners, Michael will be using his technical proficiency for the benefit of Pytha users across Australia and New Zealand: he’ll be joining our tech team in delivering support, training and testing, while building a suite of library items sure to make your drafting a breeze.


About our Library Items

With Michael joining the team, we’re looking forward to adding even more library items to our ever-growing collection. If you have a current PYTHA Technical Service Agreement, you’ll find access to the libraries via your technical support portal (enter here). If you don’t have a TSA, the collection is available for purchase and download at My 3D Shop.