An important note about your PYTHA dongle: a replacement dongle will cost you as much as your PYTHA licence, so do not lose it! We’ll need a police report to process your lost or stolen dongle replacement, and you’ll bear the costs of the downtime. Make sure your team knows how precious it is, and consider insuring it right away.

There are few businesses today who aren’t heavily reliant on their computers; operating without a device of some sort is a frightening thought for most! With viruses, malware, power surges and natural disasters becoming increasingly prevalent, insuring our computers and phones is a no-brainer, but have you thought about your hardware devices (dongles etc) and your software, too?

Insuring your dongle

Most insurers are generally happy to cover dongles under ‘general property’ (in a business pack or standalone policy).  Dongles should be covered for theft, loss and damage, and it’s important to qualify this with your insurer to ensure you won’t be out of pocket if the worst should happen.

While you’re at it, ask your insurer about cyber insurance.  Are your computers and IT systems covered for viruses and computer hacks?  Is damage to your physical IT systems covered in your policy?

Finally, consider your software, too: insuring software is not always an option, but taking your own precautions is a must.  Here are a few simple steps to protecting your software and avoiding additional grief if and when a disaster occurs:

  1. Record your registration

When you purchase a new software application, be sure to record your registration details.  Make sure you’ve noted your software licence number, key or ID, and keep a copy in a safe and secure location.  Email yourself the information, too, so you’ll always be able to access the information as long as you can log in to your email.

  1. Keep it in the cloud

Saving your data online on an encrypted server is a good idea.  Make sure you use an established provider with an impeccable reputation for security.

  1. Burn a backup

A physical backup may be a lifesaver: invest a couple of dollars in a USB hard drive, DVD, CD or flash drive, and burn yourself a copy of your software. Store this hard copy in a safe place, and bundle it with the registration details you’ve recorded (step 1).

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