With a record-breaking number of entries in their 2020 Awards program, the Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Institute (KBDi) has some outstanding spaces in their line-up of finalists.

We were thrilled to see a number of PYTHA customers on the shortlist, and congratulate each and every entrant on their well-earned achievement. In this feature, we’re having an ‘up close and personal’ look at one of the finalists, with a collaborative entry submitted by Catherine Young and Brett Patterson (The Renovation Broker).

The owners of this apartment had big expectations for a very small space. As is often the case in apartment renovations, the Body Corporate added complications to the brief, too. Designer Catherine Young rose to the challenge, though, and came up with a complete reinvention of the existing layout to accommodate the clients’ comprehensive brief.

The new design required the removal of walls, and the conversion of an ensuite to a combined kitchen-laundry space. Both Catherine Young and Brett Patterson (The Renovation Broker) are old-hands at wall knock-outs, but convincing clients of the cost benefits is almost always challenging. By presenting some high-quality renderings to support their case, they offered their clients the ultimate in peace of mind.

The resulting project is a remarkable transformation of an otherwise ordinary space, and a credit to the design and build team.

Huge congratulations to Catherine Young and Brett Patterson on your nomination as a finalist in the KBDi Designer Awards. We wish you the best of luck as the competition moves to the next stage.