Jamal Gittens has worked in the Events and Expo industry for 16 years. He has a great appreciation for the critical planning and design required for exhibition displays and a thorough understanding of the logistic issues and tight deadlines associated with this work.

When Jamal set out to start his new business two years ago, he knew he’d need a planning-to-production system that would keep up with these industry needs and his customised line of work. When he established Beyond Events and Expo Services (BEES), Jamal invested in the best CNC machinery he could find and went looking for compatible software.

If you’ve been to any trade fair or expo, you’ll know that the show installations are far from ordinary fitouts. Jamal had tried and tested products prior to PYTHA but struggled to detail the bespoke requirements of the complex stand designs he was creating. Typical cabinetmaking software just couldn’t cut it, and Jamal often resorted to hand-drawn detailing.

When Aaron Meyer walked him through a PYTHA 3D CAD demo, Jamal was most impressed with the intuitive nature and customisation capabilities of this CNC-compatible software. Armed with an on-the-spot quote and a clear outline of the implementation process, it didn’t take Jamal long to make up his mind. The Pytha Partners team were able to help Jamal implement the software and get started quickly. And before long, he had a huge contract well underway and a deadline well within sight.

When I met Aaron, his demo on PYTHA was impressive. He really showed the elements of PYTHA that would benefit me and my business. For someone who is designing and building custom-made joinery and using curves and unusual shapes, PYTHA allows me to design and build anything out of the ordinary.

Jamal has enjoyed working closely with the Pytha Partners team from implementation through to support and ongoing training. He appreciates the prompt responses from the Tech Team when he’s stuck and is continually impressed with the crew’s comprehensive technical knowledge. He’s fast learning the capabilities of PYTHA 3D CAD and the program’s flexibility.

And we’re enjoying watching the BEES brand make a big buzz in the events and expos industry. We look forward to watching Jamal’s business reach new heights and are proud to be part of his team.

If your business needs a solution for your out of the ordinary projects, we’d love to discuss how PYTHA 3D CAD can work for you. Contact us today to learn more.