An investment in an SUA prior to 30 June will save you big bucks and ensure you’ll get the full potential and power of PYTHA 3D CAD – in V26 and beyond.

In this feature, we’re outlining the details of an SUA and prompting you to act now (before 30 June) to secure your V26 version update.

What is an SUA?

A Software Upgrade Agreement (SUA) is a per-licence module that entitles you to the newest version of the software whenever a new version is released.

Why should you have it?

An SUA is the most cost-effective way to keep your software current. We’re ensuring all our customers have the SUA module as part of their suite to reduce the cost of upgrading software and provide timely access to new versions. Basically, having an SUA means:

  • You’ll negate any ‘catch-up’ fees applicable to traditional upgrades and undertake asset purchase (cash flow) planning in advance.
  • You’ll minimise steep learning curves through steady upgrades, too. For instance, jumping from V25 to a future V27 could be challenging with significant functionality changes. A ‘soft transition’ in the future from V26 to V26 to V27 will be a breeze.
  • With an SUA, our technical team can offer you the best support, learning resources and technical assistance if you’re not wedded to an old software version.
  • V26 introduces cloud functionality to PYTHA 3D CAD. This means that from V26 onwards, customers must maintain an SUA in order to utilise cloud functionality.

Terms of Payment

As an annual agreement, SUAs can be paid:

  • Annually: invoiced yearly for one annual payment or
  • Monthly: invoiced annually and automatically renewed for monthly direct debits

SUA + TSA Discount

Customers who have an SUA earn a 10% discount on the TSA.

(New SUA customers with an existing TSA won’t miss out on this discount. The 10% reduction will be applied to your next TSA invoice.)

Why do I need a TSA too? (Don’t mistake a TSA for an SUA.)

While an SUA is the most cost-effective way to keep your software current, a TSA offers an always-growing suite of support services to help your operators maintain workflow efficiency.

A TSA will give you the following:

  1. Team Support: your operators are supported with a vast range of services designed to keep their PYTHA know-how up to date, so your jobs are produced efficiently and competitively and
  2. Business Backup: if you break the software (that is if it stops working as expected and production is impacted), your business (and bottom line) can rely on priority service from our Tech Team to get you running again.


Is an SUA mandatory from V26?

Yes, if you want cloud functionality. PYTHA Germany will host the cloud servers. If you don’t have an SUA, the PYTHA Desktop version will operate as normal, but you won’t have access to the cloud features set out above.

What’s so good about the cloud?

When you’re on the cloud, you’ll have access to cloud storage and the ability to work collaboratively on projects. This includes file storage, automatic file saving, and the ability to open projects simultaneously amongst users.

With cloud functionality, you can also draw offline and update your files once reconnected to the cloud.

Do I need an SUA for each licence?

Yes. All active single licences must have the SUA module. Network dongles must have an SUA for each licence on the dongle.

What happens if I don’t have an SUA?( I’m on V25.)

If you’re on V25 now, you have until 30 June 2023 to commit to an SUA. You’ll get V26 when it’s released. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for the V26 upgrade and then take out an SUA.

What happens if I don’t have an SUA? (I’m on an earlier version than V25.)

You need to upgrade to V25 now and commit to the SUA by 30 June. You’ll get V26 when it’s released. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for upgrades through to V26 and then take out an SUA.

What happens if I let the SUA lapse?

You’ll need to pay upfront catch-up payments for the versions you’ve missed upgrading. It’s much more economical to maintain an SUA than to upgrade outright.

What’s the difference again between an SUA and a TSA?

An SUA is an ongoing annual per-licence module agreement allowing you access to the latest software versions.

A TSA is an annual company agreement that offers a range of support services designed to help you make the most of your software and the bonus of on-hand help if your software isn’t working.

Both are designed to keep you and your team operating effectively, efficiently and – most important – competitively.

Remember, you’ll need to sign up to your SUA prior to 30 June 2023 to get V26 when it’s released.  Fine print: if you have V25 already, take up an SUA by 30 June. If you don’t have V25, upgrade to V25 along with an SUA by 30 June and you’ll still save a bunch of money.  Secure your order today – contact us here.