I’m Paul Hadfield, Trainer and Implementation Specialist at Pytha Partners. I’ve been working in the industry for over twenty-five years and have a wide range of experience in joinery and shopfitting (manufacturing, factory management, leading teams and setout), along with spray painting. And I’m a bit of a PYTHA fan (#understatement).

I’ve used PYTHA 3D CAD for many years, and I’m passionate about the software and what it can achieve. When the opportunity came up for me to spend my days playing with PYTHA and teaching others how to use it to its full potential, I had to jump at it. There is this strange perception in the industry that the drawing side of the trade is uncool, and all the glory lies with the installers. But to me, the drawing side is just as creative as the final production stage, and you can’t have one without the other. Technology is the future and will allow our experienced tradespeople to keep working when their bodies can’t keep up with the physical demands of the game. Being proficient in CAD has to be in the ‘end plan’ for those looking for a long-term stint in this great industry of ours. With the right training, users can be more productive, more efficient and produce a better end result for their customers.

As part of my role with Pytha Partners, I also get to provide installation support and deliver successful implementation services for our customers, including online installations and on-site implementations. I can also be found building and checking libraries, developing training content, helping the Tech Team with support, and hanging out with the sales and marketing team. Yes, there’s a lot to fit in, but here’s a snapshot of an ordinary day to give you an idea of how I do it.

A day in the life of @haddy_the_trainer

An early start today. Heading to the new office in Sutherland to talk to the trades about layout, noise restrictions and the project in general. (Did you know we’re on the move? Learn more about our new office here.)

Arrive back at the old office and start work on drawing libraries for V24.

Staff meeting to go over the last week’s happenings and goals for the week ahead.

Back to building libraries before a phone call session (speaking with on-site contractors and handling support enquiries).

Head to site to get a client’s machine going using G Code direct from PYTHA.

Train it to the airport; heading to Melbourne for 3 days of training and implementation with a new client.

Delays in getting on the plane will mean a late arrival in Melbourne.

Finally land in a cold and very windy Melbourne.

Pick up the hire car (upgrade? Yes, please).

Check into a motel, order some food to be delivered so I can eat, check my emails and social media, relax and try to get some sleep before hitting the ground running again tomorrow. 

You can follow my antics on Instagram (@haddy_the_trainer #adayinthelifeofpaul), and if you’re keen to learn more about upcoming training, check out our events calendar here.