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EOFY incentive to buy

If you've been um-ing and ah-ing about adding some modules to your PYTHA toolbelt, we've got a great EOFY incentive for you. Purchase before 30 June 2022, and you'll get a 15% discount off new licences and additional modules like: Parametrics Build and expand your...

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Meet the team: Pytha’s Katie Sayour

Katie Sayour has been part of the Pytha Partners crew for almost six years. When she started, Katie was the sole support person for our Australian and New Zealand customers. Today, she's an integral part of our support team and a key bug tester reporting directly to...

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Pytha’s Tam Hinchy and her pivotal role

As the Executive Support and Customer Services Coordinator, Tam Hinchy is likely to be the first person you'll speak with when contacting the Pytha Partners team. Tam commenced her role with Pytha Partners way back in October 2016, in a sparsely furnished office where...

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Ace Commercial Interiors ups their ante with PYTHA

Ace Commercial Interiors is a Sydney- based joinery company with a long list of impressive clients and a spectacular project portfolio. A recent addition to this portfolio was a high-end custom joinery fit-out of the Castle Island Display Suite. Located in the Hills...

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Check us out at Woodtron’s ‘Software of the Day’ event

We're looking forward to showcasing PYTHA 3D CAD at the upcoming Woodtron 'Software of the Day' event. If you'd like to see PYTHA in action, we'd love to see you there. Let us know you're coming by completing the form below and we'll be sure to look out for you....

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