Learning with Pytha Partners



Pytha Partners Australia & New Zealand offer live learning sessions, both face-to-face in a classroom and online in a virtual class environment.

To ensure all learners get the most out of their class time, we’ve set out some expectations and a few ground rules.


What you can expect from us:

  • an engaging, experienced trainer with an excellent knowledge of PYTHA software and the ability to help you learn effectively
  • consistent learning agenda and materials
  • opportunities to practise and learn through the completion of practical exercises
  • break times during the day, or between sessions, to allow for the ‘brain space’ required to support learning retention
  • prompt start and finish times


What we expect from you:

  • Learners must commit to booked session times. We understand that sometimes you’re under the pump, but so too are your fellow learners. We plan and resource session times carefully to ensure ALL participants get a fair go, and are unable to skew the numbers by changing your session times.
  • Planning ahead will help you to avoid distractions while learning. Consider doing the following when preparing to learn:
    • let your customers know in advance that you will be temporarily unavailable
    • delegate any expected enquiries or urgent requests to a colleague
    • close your email during the training
  • To ensure class timing is efficient and effective, make sure you arrive on time (remember early is on time and on time is late).
  • Actively participate in the group to maximise your learning potential.
  • Ensure you’re using a computer with PYTHA 3D CAD installed on it during virtual classroom sessions

If participating online, we advise that learners must be visible to the trainer throughout the course, as they would be in a classroom setting.

Checklist for online learning

  1. Working speaker, microphone and webcam. Sometimes these are built in to your computer. If not, you’ll need to obtain plug in options. Test these well before the session.
  2. Stable internet connection or mobile hotspot
  3. Your computer is installed with PYTHA 3D CAD and you have your licence key.
  4. Login to the first session 15 minutes early to check everything is working for you. In fairness to all learners, we can’t delay session starts to troubleshoot technical issues.
  5. If privacy is a concern for you when using a webcam, follow this link to use the green screen background in Zoom.

Checklist for face-to-face learning

  1. Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early to make sure you can find us. In fairness to all learners, we can’t delay session starts for late arrivals.
  2. Prepare to be away from your workplace to avoid distractions. Redirect phone calls and assign important tasks to others to give you every chance at successful learning.

Virtual classroom tips and conditions

The virtual classroom is an alternative way of enjoying the benefits of face to face learning, while not being in the same room, or from locations far from each other.

Our virtual classrooms are conducted using the web conferencing system, Zoom. We provide learners with a link to join the meeting.

The virtual classroom delivery is the same as being in a face-to-face classroom, but from the comfort of your own home or office. The trainers can see all learners, learners can see each other and the trainer.

The trainer’s desktop is visible to all learners, as it would be in a face-to-face classroom on a projector screen.

During the virtual classroom days, learners are taken through the same learning agenda and material as in a live classroom, with opportunity for practice and skill development, and collaboration with other learners, under the support, guidance and supervision of the Pytha Partners trainer.

Due to the nature of learning online, training courses that would be delivered over a full day or days in a live setting, may be broken down into smaller portions of time. For example, one day’s training may be delivered in four, two hour sessions.

Virtual classroom sessions may be recorded by us, with a link shared with the participants who were in attendance. The session recording expires after one month. Virtual classroom recordings are not a substitute for participating in the class at the time it is delivered. You will not receive a link to a recording that you have not attended.

Other important notes

Upon completion of the various face-to-face learning days, participants are encouraged to apply their learning in their work environment at the earliest opportunity.

Learners must commit to the time and day of each session, prior to course commencement. Providing our customers with a virtual classroom or face-to-face setting requires that we carefully plan the allocation of our trainers, exactly as we would for a live classroom setting. Changes to the agreed days and times are not possible. Missed sessions are forfeited and will require rebooking by the learner, at the cost and based on availability of the next scheduled course.

Pytha Partners requires a minimum number on courses and if this number isn’t met the course may be cancelled.

For live classroom sessions, please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to course commencement time. For online virtual classroom sessions, please ensure you check your Zoom settings for sound and video prior to the course. Your trainer will not delay the class due to technical troubles with your sound or video. You will have to catch up any missed content in your own time.

Pytha Partners courses commence promptly at the course’s commencement time. Trainers will not delay start times if you are running late. If you are running late for a course you are enrolled in, contact Pytha Partners on 02 8515 0285.