Organically shaped cabinets, curved walls and circular seating are increasingly popular in shop and office fitouts. However, constructing these curves can be problematic for cabinetmakers. PYTHA V24 now offers functionality for curved frame construction, allowing curved joinery to be designed, modified and constructed quickly and conveniently.

Simply positioning ribs along a curve is helpful, but the real power lies in the ability to select an individually constructed cross-section, which can consist of 2D faces and 3D parts. 3D parts are automatically used as ribs and positioned evenly along the curve, while 2D faces are used as sweeps to form parts following the curve.

In PYTHA V24, the curve and frame construction remain connected to each other. When a change is made to the curve, it’s immediately visible on the 3D parts, allowing you to create design studies and variant drawings quickly. Even dimensional changes can be made with minimal effort. The original cross-section remains editable too: you can make changes to the ribs or add further parts and transfer them to the frame construction at any time.

The release of PYTHA V24 focusses not only on the flexibility of curved items. The new Parametric functions have greater flexibility in changing the sizing of parts. PYTHA V24 can import OBJ files as well as many other external file formats.

PYTHA offers a complete design and manufacturing package all in one. It can be scaled to suit any design or manufacturing requirements, whether you are looking to create photo-realistic designs or want flexibility in creating architectural joinery ready to send to your CNC.

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