Woodland Shopfitting is an award-winning fitout company and a significant player in the Australian joinery industry. They have an impressive portfolio of projects, including retail, hospitality, commercial and office spaces, and a long list of regional and international clients. PYTHA 3D CAD has played an essential role in the company’s planning-to-production processes for many years, and we recently spoke with them about how the software works for Woodland.

Adam Hicks is the Senior Draftsman at Woodland Shopfitting and a long-time PYTHA user. When he completed his trade some fifteen years ago, Adam traded his tools for a technology role within the company, and PYTHA 3D CAD became his new best friend.

Adam hadn’t used any CAD software before starting with PYTHA but designing in 3D – as the software allows – seemed a natural progression for the cabinetmaker. With his practical knowledge and trade skills, it didn’t take Adam long to get his head around the software and to see its great potential for complex construction designs.

With Woodland’s wide range of projects, curves are a commonly encountered feature. Adam explained that the team is often required to tweak an architect’s curve to accommodate construction. PYTHA 3D CAD makes this a seamless task, ensuring components manufactured in the factory fit in perfectly on site.

He also loves that the software is easy to learn for newcomers. Adam leads a team of four Woodland Shopfitting drafties. They’ve all received the initial ‘new user’ training from Pytha Partners and had a stress-free handoff to Adam as he continues their product training in-house. Most drafters have, like Adam, come off the tools with useful practical knowledge. One new staff member, however, has come directly into a drafting position, but PYTHA 3D CAD has offered a new way of learning the production requirements alongside straightforward drafting skills.

Having the latest state-of-the-art production and manufacturing facilities, a team of highly qualified tradesmen, apprentices, and dedicated draftspeople like Adam allows Woodland Shopfitting to deliver the ultimate quality control with no need for outsourcing.

Woodland Managing Director Michael Casablanca said Pytha Partners had been very supportive since Woodland started using the technology more than 25 years ago. 

“PYTHA 3D CAD has been an important part of our business growth and our ability to innovate while remaining efficient in our fully-integrated design, manufacture and fitout business. Having the latest technology is one of our commitments to our clients, enabling us to stay at the forefront of joinery manufacturing.”

We’re very proud to be a small part of their puzzle and look forward to working with Woodland Shopfitting for many years to come.

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