With divisions in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Top Knot is a well-known name in the Australian construction industry. Over 550 team members deliver high-quality carpentry and joinery services in a range of projects, from heritage renovations to multi-level apartments, commercial and hospitality fit-outs and extensive CLT and Glulam projects.

Woodworx is their sister company, equipped with a large scale joinery manufacturing factory. 
The companies work together seamlessly, with Woodworx producing high-end joinery and Top Knot executing the installation on site.

Such a vast scope of projects requires skilled craftspeople, efficient and detail-driven drafters and a commitment to streamlined and consistent processes. And according to the Group Production Planning Manager, Chris French, PYTHA 3D CAD plays a crucial role in all aspects.

The complete flexibility of PYTHA 3D CAD has enabled the Top Knot and Woodworx team to develop a highly customised setup. With pre-determined line types, library setups, annotations and plan setouts, staff, contractors and clients can be assured of consistency and clarity in all documentation. From the factory floor to the job site, all trades, builders, and architects can have confidence in the content of the project plans, ensuring no time or money is wasted on miscommunication.

Of course, the curving capabilities of PYTHA 3D CAD rates high for Chris, too. As the company has increased its hold in commercial markets, complex curved joinery is fast becoming a Top Knot and Woodworx speciality. With PYTHA’s superior 3D modelling and concept-to CNC proficiency, they’ve yet to find a project that the software can’t handle.

Additionally, the customised set-up enables a high level of reporting for all stages of the project, from inventory to manufacturing to on-site quality control lists. This comprehensive detailing ensures efficiency from beginning to end and a firm position in the Tier 1 construction market.

Here at Pytha Partners, we’re very proud to have been working with Top Knot and Woodworx for over six years. With their all-new version updates just about ready to implement, we’re looking forward to seeing where this highly skilled team will head in the years to come.
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Top Knot and Woodworks