Pytha Etagamma Case Study

Sydney’s Rudy Zilio has enjoyed a variety of careers across a couple of continents, and each role has contributed to the current success he experiences as the owner and principal designer and draftsman at Etagamma.

Rudy studied accountancy when he finished high school in his homeland of Italy. Although he liked the systematic qualities of accounting, he didn’t enjoy the monotony of the role and soon took a position in his family’s metal precision machining business. Rudy’s keen eye for detail came in handy here – metalwork requires exceptionally precise design and highly accurate production via CNC. A comprehensive knowledge of industry symbols and standards is essential, too, and an investment in CAD training seemed a good choice as Rudy’s interest in drafting grew.

He undertook a six-month, full-time CAD course and became increasingly interested in design and joinery. Rudy transferred his metal fabrication skills to the industrial design-like opportunities offered by Italian joiners. 

By the time Rudy moved to Australia a decade ago, he had developed a great passion for design and joinery. He now enjoys working on a vast range of projects for several highly-regarded manufacturers and says he wouldn’t use anything but PYTHA 3D CAD to design and draft.

Rudy’s technical drawings are incredibly well set out and detailed to a tee. The complete customisation capacities of PYTHA 3D CAD allow him to present plans with consistency, clarity and excellent comprehension. He can adapt his setout and standards to suit each of the companies he consults to, ensuring seamless flow between planning and production.

With the capacity to create his own items (as opposed to relying on standardised product libraries), Rudy can always adapt to his clients’ hardware and product preferences. And with the flexibility of designing in 3D – as PYTHA 3D CAD allows – he enjoys the challenge of problem-solving construction details prior to production.

“I aim for three targets in my technical drawings: consistency, clarity and excellent communication. With its flexibility and customisation, PYTHA 3D CAD allows me to hit these goals every time.”

Rudy’s a great advocate for sharing information. He knows good, open communication between drafties, joiners, estimators and owners is key to a successful end result. And he believes that the ‘open door’ between PYTHA users and the team at Pytha Partners is something all customers should take up. The team’s technical knowledge allows Rudy to get the full potential from this product and the best results for his clients.

See some examples of Rudy’s excellent drawing skills below, and learn more about his work here. And if you’re on Instagram, be sure to follow Rudy here.

Pytha_Etagamma_Banquette_Floor Plan
Pytha_Etagamma_Banquette_Axo View_1
Pytha_Etagamma_Banquette_Axo View_2
Pytha_Etagamma_Banquette_Typical Plan
Pytha_Etagamma_Banquette_Typical Section