The convention began with the official Australian launch of PYTHA 3D CAD V23. Guests had the privilege of learning all about the new version features ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’, with the developers flying in from Germany especially for the occasion.

We asked those who attended to share what they’re most looking forward to in Version 23; here’s what they had to say:

Techy Take-aways

  • Good to see the programmer and be able to ask them questions directly.
  • Learning a lot of small details with Willy.
  • Machining and nesting capabilities, and report capabilities of Version 23.
  • The profile and planning of angled pieces was a handy hint.
  • The updates to the plot pages look fantastic.
  • Editing in the plot.
  • New modelling features to draw faster and more easily.
  • Programmable fields within PYTHA.
  • The possibility to personalise the drop-down menu
  • Setting up interchangeable items like drawers by setting up the groups properly.
  • The environment variables that can be used in RadioLab.
  • That you can create just about anything!
  • The simpler RadioLab interface gives me confidence to get it into our office and use it on a regular basis.

Delegates also shared some great feedback about the event in general…

Networking events

  • 5 stars just for that view!!
  • I had heaps of fun as I was on a table where I did not know anyone, so it gave me an opportunity to network with other companies. It was great to celebrate with the wider community also after some intensive workshops.
  • Great location, great turnout.
  • Food was great. Was good to meet other industry colleagues and discuss how they use PYTHA differently.

We thought this quote summed up everything we hoped everyone would get out of the event.

  • For a user that has only been using this software for a short time, it was fantastic to hear from the experts themselves the capabilities and improvements to the software. The session also helped me understand who the Pytha team are, and what they specialise in, which will help us in the future if we ever need a hand.

And a very special one:

  • Keep it up Pytha. Your passion will surely bring success and satisfaction!