Damien Forrester’s successful joinery company, Inspirex, had humble beginnings in his Dad’s 36 square metre residential garage.

It was in this garage that Damien first met with Pytha Partners Managing Director, Michael Rowe, and we’re proud to have been a part of his journey from that day forward.

Damien’s move from his Dad’s home into a dedicated factory almost ten years ago instigated a substantial investment in CNC machinery and the associated CAD software. The business was making good inroads into commercial fitouts, and from a software point of view, the flexibility of PYTHA seemed to be the best fit.

It didn’t take long for Damien to get his head around designing in 3D, and – despite his team’s expansion – to this day, he has held on to the reins in the drafting department.

This passionate entrepreneur has some exciting business endeavours in the pipeline (check out the Vanitex story below), but he’s not quite ready to let go of his CAD hat. Damien loves the engineering aspect of designing and drafting with PYTHA. He’s clearly excited by the challenges of the design development stage and loves the opportunities PYTHA 3D CAD allows in testing the limitations of products and construction methods before the projects make it to the factory floor.

His problem-solving nature and creative vision are two assets serving Damien well. And with his tight team and his dedication to delivering honest quality and maintaining absolute quality control, Damien has built an impressive project portfolio.

Inspirex has recently completed an expansive fitout of the Winnings Appliances Flagship Showroom in Redfern. His team of four has been hard at work at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, too, and he has a long list of commercial, retail and hospitality projects behind him.

While commercial work is the bulk of the business, the team is looking forward to scaling their residential work in the coming months. An all-new venture into custom-made vanities has ignited this expansion, with the Vanitex brand already making waves in bathroom design.

PYTHA 3D CAD producing product images for Vanitex

PYTHA 3D CAD has proven to be an invaluable player in the making of Damien’s new entity, Vanitex. He saw a huge gap in the market for custom-made vanities and had some great ideas for an expansive prefabricated range. Damien designed 19 vanities and seven mirrored cabinet ranges and used the power of PYTHA 3D CAD to generate more than 10,000 stunning 3D renders representing each available option. With the click of a button, designers and consumers can easily view their vanity designs, calculate costs and place orders. Combined with the company’s state-of-the-art machinery and production methods, this click-button design service fills a long-time void in the industry.

The complete flexibility of PYTHA 3D CAD – covering commercial contracts for Inspirex and product design for Vanitex – has cemented Damien’s loyalty to the software. He says he can’t imagine his life without it and looks forward to growing and evolving with the product for many years.

Is image generation critical for the marketing of your new product lines? Could hyper-realist 3D renders add another level of value to your clients? Contact us today to learn how PYTHA 3D CAD can help you and your business.

Pytha_Vanitex_Eclipse Vanity
Pytha_Vanitex_Cave Vanity
Pytha_Vanitex_Arlo Vanity
Pytha_Vanitex_Clovelly Vanity
Pytha_Vanitex_Boston Vanity
Pytha_Vanitex_Acre Vanity