Shannon Ireland (Emagine Design) is no stranger to PYTHA 3D CAD, having used the software for fifteen years in his productive design studio.

A peek at Shannon’s impressive design portfolio will give you an idea of the variety of projects he has worked on during this decade-plus tenure. From noodle bars and cafes to fashion stores, Shannon has designed a vast range of fitouts in retail and commercial markets in regional and urban areas across Australia. A steady stint of jewellery stores has seen him settle into a diamond of a niche, though, and he enjoys the creativity this kind of work allows.


The incredible customisation of PYTHA 3D CAD makes Shannon’s ‘out of the box’ projects a dream to create: designing and modelling simultaneously in 3D allows Shannon to work smoothly and efficiently, with great confidence in the proportions and practicality of the space.

It’s the photorealistic rendering capabilities that win over the clients, though: Shannon’s presentations give the clients the highest confidence in his concepts, leaving little room for uncertainty and a clear and exciting vision of the finished design.

Of course, it’s not all pretty pictures: Shannon’s working drawings (all produced in PYTHA 3D CAD), combined with his 3D models and renders, ensure that the manufacturers and trades associated with each fitout have a clear and concise understanding of exactly what’s required where. This comprehensive documentation allows quoting and construction to proceed with the greatest cost and time efficiencies, meaning the clients will always get value from concept to completion.

Shannon’s steady stream of return clients and word-of-mouth referrals are a great testament to his time-tested processes, and we’re proud to have him as part of the PYTHA community.

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