Last month we shared what our tech team love about Version 24. This month we’ve quizzed them about the PYTHA resources they refer customers to most often, and share their top tips here.

Katie says:

The old school Manual that customers get with their installation is like the little black book of all things PYTHA. ‘Willy’s Training Manual’ is a comprehensive user guide built into the software. If you like following instructions step-by-step, you’ll love this resource. The manual includes a wide range of example tasks, and has been specially designed to cover each of the drawing tools in practical exercises. You can access this manual when you open the Module Central screen, go to Manuals, and select ‘Willy’s Training Manual’.

Paul says:

Most new PYTHA installations include a twelve-month Technical Service Agreement (TSA) to ensure new users get the most out of their software. A TSA includes a whole stack of invaluable support features (learn more here), including access to some very cool library items. These freebies can save you a heap of time, and make investing in an extended TSA (beyond your first-year agreement) a no-brainer.

Dom says:

The TSA Portal is our holding tank for knowledge base articles,  tech tips and library items – it’s our go-to place for problem solving issues related to installing software, parts lists, Workshop, PYTHA 3D CAD system requirements, pen 20 and a whole lot more. The portal houses articles about Analyzer and Ezynest/Enroute, too, so when we’re looking for solutions to topping up accounts, machine block locations, parts missing from parts list, edging not appearing on labels etc., we head here. 

And while Tam’s not ‘technically technical’, after many years being the first port of call in the Pytha Partners office, she’s learned a thing or two about getting customers on the right track. Here’s what Tam has to say:

There’s a difference between technical support (like that offered in a TSA) and training. Technical support will help you troubleshoot functions that don’t seem to be working for you, and help you navigate installation issues. It won’t necessarily help you be a faster operator, or help you hone your skills in specific tasks. We’ve designed a heap of training that will fill these kinds of knowledge gaps, and encourage users to keep an eye on what workshops are coming up when. Save our Events Calendar to your favourites tab, or contact us today for more information.