Ace Commercial Interiors is a Sydney- based joinery company with a long list of impressive clients and a spectacular project portfolio.

A recent addition to this portfolio was a high-end custom joinery fit-out of the Castle Island Display Suite. Located in the Hills Showground precinct, the Castle Island development showcases ‘luxury design with a botanic influence’. The stunning display apartment was designed and specified to spectacular detail: curved stone and timber elements, intricate panelling and thoughtful material selections create a calm and natural ambience while showcasing the unique craftsmanship of the overall construction.

With the complex curves and intricate detailing associated with the design, PYTHA 3D CAD proved itself – once again – to be an invaluable asset for Ace Commercial Interiors. The software allowed a seamless execution of the time-sensitive project. Organically-shaped joinery was produced with ease and efficiency, and the CAD to CAM capabilities of PYTHA 3D CAD allowed the team to distribute templates directly to their stonemasons and specialists for streamlined off-site production.

Ace Commercial Interiors have been using PYTHA 3D CAD for a little under three years. With 90% of their work falling into the commercial arena – and complex designs being a part of their ‘every day’ – the full customisation allowed by the software has made their investment in PYTHA worth every cent. And when their local production is at max capacity, the seamless distribution of CAM-ready plans to off-site and international manufacturers has been a game-changer.

Pytha Partners are proud to be associated with this highly-productive company and look forward to continuing their journey with Ace Commercial Interiors.

To find out how PYTHA 3D CAD can help you up the ante, contact us today.

Pytha_Ace Commercial_CAD_Display Island
Pytha_Ace Commercial_Photo_Castle Island Display copy
Pytha_Ace Commercial_CAD_Desk Detail
Pytha_Ace Commercial_Castle Island Desk
Pytha_Ace Commercial_CAD_Curved Display Panel
Pytha_Ace Commercial_Photo_Castle Island Display
Pytha_Ace Commercial_CAD_Kitchen Island