Katie Sayour has been part of the Pytha Partners crew for almost six years. When she started, Katie was the sole support person for our Australian and New Zealand customers. Today, she’s an integral part of our support team and a key bug tester reporting directly to German Headquarters. With her well-rounded skills and impressive adaptability, Katie’s role will undoubtedly continue to evolve in the coming years. Today, however, we’re celebrating her story so far.
Katie began her journey in the construction industry fresh out of high school when she left her hometown of Orange to start a mechanical engineering degree. With a keen eye for detail and an eager interest in problem-solving, this qualification seemed to be a great fit. She soon learned to love the course’s practical elements – experimenting with machining and fabrication technologies – but became frustrated with the theoretical load and decided to ditch the degree for a practical, hands-on trade. 
In a few years, Katie earned her trade certificate in Furniture Making (Cabinetmaking) at a well-established joinery company. Her employers saw value in her technical tenacity and set Katie up in a drafting position. It was in this role that Katie cut her teeth on PYTHA 3D CAD and when she first began to see the true potential of the product.
Katie learned the basics of the software from her peers but enjoyed delving a little deeper into the program’s functions on her own. The business specialised in laboratory fit-outs, and some creatively-designed projects allowed her to embrace the flexibility of PYTHA 3D CAD while honing her skills and proficiency. 
When an opportunity arose to work with the Australian distributors of PYTHA 3D CAD, Katie jumped at the chance. In her time with the team, she’s enjoyed all kinds of industry opportunities. She’s represented us well at AWISA, meeting customers from across the country face-to-face and delivering practical demonstrations. And she’s crossed the globe to PYTHA HQ in Germany, meeting dealers from many countries and sharing the unique needs and wants of Australian users.
Side Note: while Katie was proficient in the technical workings of PYTHA 3D CAD before she made the move, she had no idea about the history of the product. She was blown away when she discovered that this sophisticated software was a stand-alone development – i.e. not built off the back of competitor brands. And the fact that the product was a small family business creation impressed her, too. In 2022, PYTHA 3D CAD celebrates its 40th birthday, proving itself both a pioneer and a stayer, and Katie’s still in awe of the product and its potential.
With her practical trade knowledge, solid comprehension of CNC machining and inside-out knowledge of PYTHA 3D CAD, Katie is a major asset to the team and – most importantly – our customers. She genuinely loves a technical challenge and thrives on helping customers solve their software issues. 
And when she’s not solving your software problems, this Lego-loving mum is enjoying the company of her 11-month old son. Katie’s counting down the days until she can introduce her little one to the wonders of Lego, and we’re sure the pair will be building all kinds of impressive structures soon enough.