Users of PYTHA software have always valued the program’s ability to let clients see how a project will look before a board is cut or hammer is swung.  The comprehensive plans and 3D presentations produced in PYTHA also help to take all the guess work out of quoting, ensuring all relevant trades are able to give their most accurate estimates.

With PYTHA’s new FREE PYTHA-Viewer, it’s now even easier to share your design concepts with clients and estimators, and present a new level of detail and interpretation.  PYTHA-Viewer allows the user to see all the necessary features and elements – with the ability to turn layers on or off, highlight particular objects, measure the distance between objects and even the radius of a curve, there will be little left for guessing and fewer surprises (and setbacks) down the track.

PYTHA-viewer can be loaded on any PC (Microsoft Windows 7 and higher), and will be another great tool for your belt.


Download the 32 bit version PYTHA‑Viewer 1.01

Download the 64 bit version PYTHA‑Viewer 1.01

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