For some time, Pytha Partners and D&P Specialists have enjoyed a great partnership in servicing and supporting PYTHA and 3D Analyzer software customers.  D&P’s technical support has been invaluable to PYTHA users, and an enormous help to us as we’ve focussed on building services for Australian and New Zealand customers.

2017, however, will see some exciting changes for both parties, and some simplification of your dealings with Pytha Partners Australia.

D&P Specialists have announced that they’re eager to focus on their highly regarded setout services and project management.  While they’ve enjoyed offering technical support to PYTHA, Analyzer and Ezynest/Enroute customers (and have been doing a stellar job of it!), they will no longer be able to take on new (or renewing) support contracts.

Pytha Partners, on the other hand, have recruited some eager, experienced and super tech-savvy staff members, and we’re building an in-house team that will allow you a seamless transition to Pytha-powered support.  We are extremely appreciative of D&P’s service over the last two years, and are now looking forward to offering customers a ‘one stop shop’ for software support.

So, what happens now?

If you have an existing contract in place with D&P Specialists, we’ll make sure your transition is as seamless as possible.  If you need support of any kind, contact Pytha Partners directly on, and we’ll get you on the most pain-free path to a timely solution.

If you’re a new customer, or about to renew your support contract, we’ll take it from here.  You’ll be hearing from us soon, so you don’t need to do anything at this point in time.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank D & P Specialists once again for their support, and wish them much success in their future endeavours.