PYTHA 3D CAD software is a comprehensive system that can be used for all facets of design and manufacture, from planning to presentation to production.

To ensure you always receive the most up-to-date product information, all PYTHA software specifications can be found at



We’ve designed a Technical Service Agreement that – if maintained - will ensure your design and production departments are well supported, up to date and enjoying the full capabilities of this incredible platform.

The Agreement can provide access to our Pytha Tech Team for PYTHA 3D CAD, 3D Analyzer, EzyNest (Enroute) and/or NC Hops, so you can breathe easy knowing you’re supported from planning to production.  You’ll receive ongoing troubleshooting assistance (naturally), along with access to updates and improvements in the software, special training opportunities and information sharing for your team members.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is PYTHA sold and supported across Australia and New Zealand??

Yes, PYTHA is sold and supported across Australia and New Zealand by Pytha Partners Australia. There is a large customer base populating the region, regular training and demonstration events and local technical support by our dedicated technical team.

Does PYTHA link to other software applications?

Yes, PYTHA links to a wide range of CAD, CAM and estimating applications including 3D Analyzer, Enroute, EziNest, WoodWop, BiesseWorks, AlphaCam, CabinetVision, TradeSoft and more. We can help you understand the best configurations for your operations.

Can PYTHA send my drawings straight to my CNC machine?


I'm a designer, not a manufacturer. Is PYTHA for me?

Yes. Our design customers have won multiple awards for their work. The realism they can produce for their design concepts means there is no limit for the imagination. PYTHA is easy to use and easy to learn with a level of flexibility that means you can draw literally anything.  Check this link for inspiration.


Looking for libraries to turbo-charge your drawing time?

My 3D Shop delivers online training and libraries for users of PYTHA 3D CAD and related manufacturing software including 3D Analyzer, EzyNest and more.

As a one stop shop, My 3D Shop supports customers with tools such as libraries of commonly used cabinetry items so that you don't have to start your project drawings from scratch.

Check out the range of libraries available today - visit


“We recently reviewed whether PYTHA was still the best choice of CAD software for our business. After considering the options, and spending time with the new Pytha Partners support team, it was clear that there was no need to switch. The support team are clearly committed to developing the skills of our production department and they obviously have a solid, practical knowledge of manufacturing and expert technical knowledge of the software.” Wayne Boyle

Project Manager - Setout, Arc Joinery

“We are always looking for ways to improve efficiency and cut cost within the business. PYTHA improves our workflow from design to production allowing our team to deliver better quality products and get them to our clients faster. Michael and his team continue to provide fast professional service and support to our CAD team as they understand the time pressures in our industry. As a business owner I would recommend PYTHA to anyone looking to take their business to the next level.” Ricky Curmi

Director, RC Detailed Joinery

We were spending too much time with our existing CAD software drawing the complex products that our clients ask for. After making the switch to PYTHA we simply wouldn’t be without it. We have even been able to impress Michael and his technical team with the boundaries to which we have pushed the software. It is incredibly flexible – we can draw and manufacture anything!

Pat Mollica, Schiavello Group

I have enjoyed using and teaching PYTHA for many years. It is a very intuitive, logical and easy to learn CAD application. PYTHA delivers a true representation of the final product to be built. For my apprentices this means they can match their practical skills for building both on the bench and on the screen. This serves employers and employees alike by offering lifetime career paths that keep skilled people in the industry.

Lloyd Millington, TAFE SWSi Lidcombe College

Using PYTHA in our design studio gives us complete flexibility in design and presentation. Any limitation is our imagination and not the software. Most importantly we can communicate design solutions and ideas in real time and full colour; walking our clients through their project long before commencement. With the development of high end rendering our design concepts take on true to life representation. This helps our clients make clear and educated decisions very early in the design phase of their project.

Darren Genner, Minosa Design