Pytha_eNews_CAD_Software_UpgradeIt’s fair to say that most CAD software doesn’t come with a ‘use by’ date – technically speaking, you can probably use your current software as long as you like.  Or can you?


Most programs, from word processing to CAD, have an effective lifespan; while they may continue to tick along, however, you may not be getting the maximum benefit from your outdated software.


Keeping up with software releases isn’t always easy, but here are five good reasons why it’s worth the effort:

  1. Time is Money. Yes, a software upgrade means you may need a little more learning time. But new features may be big time savers, and you could be in front in next to no time! When was the last time you checked out ‘what’s new’ with your CAD software?  What time-saving options are you missing out on?
  1. Happy Hardware. Are you still using the same computer you had ten years ago? Five years ago? Probably not.  Computers and operating systems are moving and improving – constantly! Computers increase in power and capacity every year, and as the hardware and operating systems improve, they may not be so ‘cooperative’ with your older software.  If you’re upgrading your hardware, you’ll want to seriously consider boosting your software, too.
  1. Basic Budgeting. When you plan on upgrading your software annually (or bi-annually), you can also plan your budgeting to accommodate the improvement.  Planning ahead means you’re less likely to be faced with a blown out (and urgent) upgrade expense.
  1. Marketing Matters. If you’re not telling your clients that you use state-of-the-art design software in your studio, you should be!  Your clients are coming to you because you’re a leader in your field and ahead of the trends – your ‘tools of the trade’ should reflect this.
  1. Leaner Learning Curves. If you don’t think you have time to deal with an upgrade now, waiting won’t make it any easier.  The longer you leave it between upgrades, the more you’ll need to catch up on, and the steeper your learning curve will be.


When was the last time you upgraded your CAD software, or even looked at the new release options?  How could a software upgrade start saving you time today?


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