Wayne Boyle of Arc Joinery is no stranger to PYTHA 3D Software; he’s been using the program for around 15 years!

Wayne is a wood machinest/wood turner by trade; he made the wise decision early in his career to study drafting alongside his practical work, and undertook a two-year night course where he was introduced to AutoCAD. When Wayne moved to a company that was using PYTHA, he transitioned relatively easily from AutoCAD, and never looked back.

Today, as the General Manager of Arc Joinery Pty Ltd, Wayne spends less time drafting and more time project managing, but he has six staff using PYTHA in their day-to-day operations. The strong drafting team is integral to the success of this specialised architectural joinery firm, and a high competency in CAD is essential. Wayne notes that while not all staff were proficient in PYTHA before joining the team, they each shared a solid trade background; this manufacturing knowledge allowed them to pick up PYTHA easily and use the software to its full potential, particularly with respect to getting from plan to production.

Working in the high end of the shop fitout market, projects that come through Arc Joinery can often have up to half a dozen reviews during the design and estimating phases. Because of this, the ease with which changes can be made in PYTHA is the biggest advantage from Wayne’s point of view. When a shopping centre developer, client or designer changes their mind on a particular design element, Wayne’s team can tweak the drawings and implement revisions quickly, ensuring each project moves efficiently from design to installation.

The value in presenting clear and accurate 3D presentations is enormous, too. Presenting realistic views of the end result ensures the client understands exactly what they’re getting before a board is cut. It also allows any errors – by the designer or the drafting team – to be picked up before the project moves to manufacturing, saving bucket-loads of money and many, many headaches!

Wayne was lucky enough to attend the PYTHA Worldwide User Meeting in Aschaffenburg, Germany last year, and was most impressed with the event. He said it was a fantastic opportunity to meet the family behind PYTHA, and the people actually creating the software. He said they took on board feedback and recommendations specific to the industry and the national practices of those who attended the meeting, and were genuinely interested in learning how to make PYTHA even more effective and efficient for its users. He’s looking forward to next version (V23), and hopes to be one of the first in line to see how this dedicated team have turned their feedback in to action.

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