Learning options to suit everyone.

Learning to use a powerful tool like PYTHA is both exciting and challenging.  For some it can even feel a little daunting, so here at Pytha Partners we’ve worked hard to make your transition as pain free as possible. We’ve developed a range of learning options to suit all learning styles, and an easy to follow pathway to get you on your way!

Affected by changes to Analyzer V2/V3?

Recent changes to Analyzer have caused a few issues for users of Versions 2 and 3. If you're a Pytha Partners customer, you will have received an email from us outlining the problem and potential fixes. (If you haven't, please contact us today). When your upgrade is in place, we encourage you to enrol for some 'new version' training. Spaces are limited; learn more and register here today.

1. Online learning

This is the very best place to start using PYTHA from scratch. We've broken the basics in to bite size chunks to get you going quickly. Using the mouse, navigating the graphical area and manipulating basic shapes are all covered. We'll be adding more courses to deliver advanced functions and updated features.

Our online learning platform keeps a record of your course completions, gives you the option to knowledge check, and even print certificates.

My 3D Shop is the dedicated resource for online learning.

2. Inbuilt Tutorials


You can find workbooks and exercises built in with your PYTHA licence. Make the most of these to get going with drawing basic to more complex objects. This option is great for those who like to follow page by page and take notes.

Simple step by step instructions and easy to follow pictorials make the exercises easy to complete. You will be amazed at how easy to learn and easy to use PYTHA 3D CAD really is with these great workbook tutorials.

3. Live Online


Our dedicated training and support team will use desk-sharing technology take to you through structured sessions so that you can learn at the best pace. Short sessions at regular intervals have been proven to be the best way to remember what you have learned.

Peer to peer learning is also a valuable way of developing your PYTHA experience. For this reason, we often run our live online sessions to an open group at the same learning stage. Questions are encouraged and sessions are recorded for future reference by participants.

4. Face to Face

Face to face

Face to face learning is a great way to experience intensive training. Be prepared to block out a half or whole day to spend with your training specialist at your workplace.

We recommend this style of learning once you have grasped the basics. And because each person has slightly different needs, we often need to adjust the focus of our planned sessions to ensure you get the value you need. For this reason we prefer to discuss a budget and program before arranging site time.


You can also learn PYTHA at TAFE

PYTHA is currently delivered as a Certificate of Attainment at three TAFE colleges. Expert lecturers take you through an introductory and follow on course for one night a week over over six weeks.

You can learn in a group and get to know other people's tips, tricks and techniques. Students receive a temporary student licence with which to practice at home for the duration of the course. Enrol directly with the TAFE Colleges indicated below, or register your interest for upcoming courses via the button.